Printable Wedding Anniversary Cards

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anniversary card for husband
You are my beloved & the one I hold closest in my heart.

free downloadable card
And I have loved you each & every second since.

free printable anniversary cards
And you are that
one for me!

printable anniversary card
You and I, our lives together in joy and happiness without end. You are my beloved, you are my friend. You are the one in whom my soul delights. Our love and souls are intertwined forever.

printable anniversary card for husband
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. I love you with all my heart & soul.

free downloadable anniversary card
I cherish all the memories we've created and all the ones we've yet to create.

free downloadable anniversary card
Happy Anniversary to the delight of my life!
wedding anniversary card
Happy Anniversary
I can't live without you!
anniversary card for wife
Happy Anniversary
to the love of my life!

free downloadable card
And you are
the honey of my life!

anniversary card for husband
There's no better
adventure than ours!
printable anniversary card
Happy Anniversary
You understand me in ways
no one else ever could

What To Write In Your Anniversary Card

Use a few lines or a verse from a song lyric or poem, or include a quote for your anniversary card.

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