Free Printable Anniversary Cards

To view these free, printable anniversary cards, use the latest Adobe Reader. To download the card, right click on the image and the PDF will automatically download to your computer.

The bold text is the interior copy. These printable cards can be run out on any inkjet or color laser printer. Be sure to use high quality, letter-size paper. Simply fold in half twice to create your romantic anniversary card. Run a ruler or butter knife over the folds to sharpen them. If you print on handmade paper, you may need to increase the color saturation (use "vivid colors" if your printer has that type of setting) for brighter colors.

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wedding anniversary card
I adore you! Happy
Anniversary, My Love.
anniversary card for wife
I love each and every moment we share. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever!
printable anniversary card
Darling, you're the greatest!

printable anniversary card for husband
Forever isn't long enough to list all the ways I love & cherish you!
Card for Loving Wife

printable anniversary card for wife
And here we are, still celebrating our wonderful life together. Happy Anniversary!

free printable anniversary cards
Happy Anniversary, Honey
You're the one
who reaches furthest
into my heart.

printable anniversary card for husband
Card for husband
So far, so good!
Card for wife

printable anniversary card for husband
Happy Anniversary!
You show me how to
love in countless ways.

free downloadable anniversary card
Happy Anniversary!
I am so blessed with
your everlasting love.

printable anniversary card for husband
You're the hot sauce of my life.
Love you forever!

printable anniversary card for wife
Happy Anniversary to my
deliciously sweet wife.
Card for Husband

free downloadable anniversary card
Warm hugs. Tender
understanding. Sweet smiles.
You have it all!

What To Write In Your Anniversary Card

Use a few lines or a verse from a song lyric or poem, or include a quote for your anniversary card.

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