Roses by Wedding Anniversary Year

Roses created with the traditional material of an anniversary year, plus special roses perfect for any anniversary that you want to send a unique gift. Add a vase, cuddly bear, photo frame or more unique add-ons. Purchase a single stem, a dozen for a bouquet or any amount.

Choose your wife's favorite material no matter which year you're celebrating. Most have several color choices. Free continental U.S. ground shipping with $60+ order. Shipping fees are by entire order, not number of items.

Unique Romantic Gift Tip: Choose a 1-stem of each year bouquet created with a rose theme each year you have been married. For example, a 5th Anniversary 1-Stem Each Year Bouquet includes: a paper rose, a cotton rose, a leather rose, a fruit rose & a wood rose.

More Unique Roses For Any Year

1st year anniversary paper roses
1st Anniversary Year

Lifelike Paper Roses. Several colors available.
Personalized paper rose style
An especially humorous gift:
1st Anniversary Toilet Paper
personalized 2nd year anniversary cotton roses
2nd Anniversary Year

Cotton Roses
Created from fine silk roses with cotton balls placed in the center.
personalized 3rd year anniversary leather roses
3rd Anniversary Year

Leather Roses
in red, yellow or purple leather. Totally unique!
personalized 4th year anniversary fruit roses
4th Anniversary Year

Fruit Roses
Actually, the traditional 4th gift is silk. See 12th Year Roses. However, these are a lovely gift!
personalized 5th year anniversary wood roses
5th Anniversary Year

Handcarved Wood Roses
Available in red, purple or yellow. Perfect for those allergic to flowers.
All Wood Roses
Stunning Bloodwood Rose
personalized 6th year anniversary candy roses
6th Anniversary Year

Candy Roses
Created with real candy button strips.
personalized 7th year anniversary wool roses
7th Anniversary Year

Wool Roses
Created with 100% wool felt.
personalized 8th year anniversary bronze roses
8th Anniversary Year

Bronze Roses
Created with their finest silk rose and a ball of bronze wool placed in the center. Bronze is also modern 19th Anniversary gift.
personalized 9th year anniversary pottery roses
9th Anniversary Year

Pottery Roses
Created from unbreakable polymer clay.
personalized 10th year anniversary aluminum roses
10th Anniversary Year

Aluminum Roses
Handmade from sheets of aluminum, red on one side, silver on the other, and attached to a standard floral stem with silk leaves.
personalized 11th year anniversary steel roses
11th Anniversary Year

Steel Roses
Choose from two styles of steel roses.
personalized 12th year anniversary silk roses
12th Anniversary Year

Silk Roses
personalized 13th year anniversary lace roses
13th Anniversary Year

Lace Roses
Also modern 8th & 39th Anniversary gift.
personalized 14th year anniversary ivory roses
14th Anniversary Year

Ivory Roses
Beautifully carved from a tagua nut. Perfect for those allergic to flowers.
personalized 15th year anniversary crystal roses
15th Anniversary Year

Crystal Chandelier Roses
More crystal rose styles available, including realistic crystal roses.
20th wedding anniversary china roses
20th Anniversary Year

Porcelain Roses
Imported from Italy. Also modern 18th & 36th Anniversary gift.
25th wedding anniversary silver roses
25th Anniversary Year

Silver Lace Ribbon Roses
Roses created from silver lace ribbon.
50th wedding anniversary gold roses
50th Anniversary Year

Gold Ribbon Roses
Realistic roses created from gold ribbon.

Unique Roses For Any Year

Unique shell roses
Handpainted Shell Roses

Created from real shells. Perfect for a beach theme wedding or vow renewal.
Unique chili pepper roses
Chili Pepper Roses

Is your love hot 'n spicy? Celebrate with Chili Pepper Roses.
Unique feather roses
Feather Roses

Roses & stems created from real goose feathers!

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