How To Say "Happy Anniversary" In Different Languages

How to say or write Happy Anniversary in different languages.

LanguageHow To Say "Happy Anniversary"
Chinese (transliterated) Zhou nian kuai le
Croatian Sretna Godisnjica
Danish Tillykke med bryllupsdagen
Dutch Gelukkig Jaarfeest
French Bon Anniversaire
German Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Hochzeitstag
Hebrew (transliterated) Ihulim le-yom ha-nesuim
Hungarian Boldog Házassági Evfordulót kivánok
Italian Buon Anniversario
Japanese (transliterated) Kekkonkinen bi omedeto
Korean (transliterated) Ginyumilul chuka hamida
Lithuanian Laimes sukaktuviu proga
Modern Greek (transliterated) Chronia Polla
Norwegian Gratulerer med dagen
Persian Salgar detán mubarak
Polish Wszystkiego Najlepszego
Portuguese Feliz Aniversario
Russian (transliterated) Pozdravlia(iu)(em) s iubileem
Serbian (transliterated) Srecna Godisnjica
Spanish Feliz Aniversario
Swedish Har denäran på bröllopsdagen
Tagalog Maligayang pagdiriwang
Turkish Mutlu (or Hos) yildönümü
Yiddish (transliterated) A gliklekhn yortog

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